Packaging & Shipping

OPTION A: Grainpro Bags inside Traditional Coffee Sacks

  • 69 kg of coffee sealed in a Grainpro bag inside a Coffee sack

  • 20 foot containers hold up to 275 sacs

Read about Grainpro bags.

Land/Sea Shipping

You may arrange shipment of your coffee or we can deliver 20 foot containers direct to your warehouse, with transport/insurance/customs paperwork handled by one of the freight companies with whom we work.

  • Minimum 80 sacks up to 275 sacks per container


OPTION B: Vacuum-packed Boxes Shipped by Air

  • 2 Vacuum-packed 15 kg bags in a box (30 kg of coffee per box)

  • Freshest Coffee Possible

  • Delivered to your roastery